Have you checked your car battery recently? It may be time to replace before the summer season. As car batteries grow older, their CCA tends to drop, which leads to problems in extremely cold weather. You may notice that your engine doesn't turn as quickly or the lights may flicker a bit before revving the engine as you get in your car in the morning.

These issues should not be ignored as they are signs that you need to replace your battery. Extremely hot temperatures have the opposite affect. Instead of freezing your battery, the heat may boil the lead acid causing leaks and corrosion around the connectors.

If you notice any of these issues, you should have your battery replaced immediately. Nothing is worse than trying to start a car only to find that you are stuck because of a dead battery. Need a good deal on a high-rated battery? You should try our service center at V & H Automotive in Marshfield, WI for a great low rate.

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