Owning a car means routine maintenance and one area that needs to be checked regularly is the car’s engine oil. Oil comes in two forms synthetic and conventional, but which one is best for your car? Below are some answers to your motor oil questions:

  • Conventional Motor Oil- Conventional motor oil comes from crude oil and lubricates your engine, but when it breaks down it leaves deposits in the engine.
  • Synthetic Motor Oil- Synthetic motor oil is engineered and has additives to increase lubrication and when it breaks down it does not leave deposits in the engine like conventional oil does. Synthetic motor oil is more expensive than conventional motor oil.
  • Manufacturer Requirements- While synthetic oil has advantages over conventional motor oil, it is important to check your car owner’s manual and see what oil is recommended for your car. Using the wrong oil can damage your engine, so check before you change your oil.

At V & H Automotive we understand that car maintenance can be confusing especially when it comes to which oil to use in your car. If you are unsure what oil is best for your car come visit our service center at our Marshfield location and speak with one of our experts.

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