Driving in the winter time can be miserable for all sorts of reasons. Whether it is ice or snow on the road, or a frosty windshield, there can be lots of inconveniences along the way. One of the worst is driving in a vehicle with a poor heating system that is struggling to keep you warm.

Often times this is the result of a dirty cabin air filter restricting the flow of air inside of your vehicle. Bringing your car in for a filter replacement at V & H Automotive in Marshfield can quickly solve this problem. The cabin air filter helps keep the air inside your car clean and breathable by filtering out particulates. The filter will become clogged and less efficient over time, resulting in poor air circulation. This can cause your heating system to run less effectively.

If you find yourself with cold hands and having to keep your jacket on, it's time to bring your car in for an air filter replacement at V & H Automotive today.

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