This Safety Feature is Ideal for Parking Lots and Other Parking Situations

Have you ever been in a parking situation and wished that you knew how close you were to an object? Say, you are parallel parking and you can’t see how close you are to the vehicle behind you, this feature will then come in handy.

This feature utilizes ultrasonic sensors to pick up on objects behind you. It warns you through a series of audible sounds that you are getting close to a vehicle. The faster the beeps, the closer you are to the objects. Although, if you hear a thud, you’ve gone too far.

The old days of having to pop open your door and check how close you are to the other vehicle are over. With advances to modern technology, you can sit in the comfort of your Dodge Journey and park with ease. If you are still having trouble then be sure to check your rear view display for a live video feed of the area behind you.