Taking the time to plan for a safe holiday road trip could be the difference in getting to your destination ahead of schedule or sitting stranded on the side of the road looking for help to assist you to get back on the road.

Consider these safety items to get packed in the car on that next holiday road trip:

Keep some road flares or safety triangles in the trunk, so your disabled car grabs the attention of help sooner.

Bring an empty gas can so you can get fuel and get back on the road instead of hoping a driver has a can for you to borrow.

Bringing a set of jumper cables will allow you to get your car started when the first car pulls over to help.

Pack a bag with assorted tools, duct tape, fix-a-flat, and a tire gauge.

Keep in mind you could always come to V & H Automotive for a holiday road trip check-up, so your car is in peak condition.

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