If the new year calls for a new truck or SUV for work or recreation, then it’s time that you get familiar with All Wheel Drive (AWD) and Four Wheel Drive (4WD) for your expeditions. Whether you intend to travel on the pavement under harrowing weather conditions or you need to equip yourself with the ability to travel off-road, you can certainly benefit from AWD or 4WD. How do these two systems stack up against each other?

Reasons Why You Need AWD for Your Vehicle

  • Nothing compares to the handling and control of an AWD vehicle. You’ll get constant power distribution to all four wheels to help you maneuver.
  • AWD models also serve as an intuitive and low-maintenance option.
  • Consistent power distribution to the front wheels helps reduce instances of oversteer and helps you make tighter corners.

Reasons Why You Need 4WD for Your Vehicle

  • Your 4WD truck or SUV will help you travel across rocks, snow, mud and poor road conditions.
  • The two back wheels tend to deliver the majority of your driving experience.
  • In a 4WD model, you get to enjoy more control over your gears.

Which model will you choose for your expeditions? Visit with our auto sales team in Marshfield, WI and make your AWD or 4WD decision soon!

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