Many of our customers at V & H Automotive may be thinking about what the next step is once a lease approaches its end date. Here comes a relief on how to end a lease at the dealership:

•The first option, which you may have thought about, is returning the vehicle and walk away. However, considering how much you might be in need of the vehicle, we advise on the options below.

•You can seek an extension of the lease. Adding a few months on the previous lease affords you the time to make rational decisions concerning the leased vehicle.

•Indeed you can always sign a new lease contract. We offer a great variety of new models to choose from.

•Finally, we afford you a great opportunity of walking away with the car you love, at a great price. You can buy the leased vehicle and own it permanently.

Contact us at Marshfield, WI, for more information and to avoid confusion.

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