Since cars are machinery with a lot of complex moving parts, they are prone to natural wear and tear. To keep your vehicle running properly and prevent breakdowns, always maintain the condition of your fluids and ensure they are topped off and fresh.

Oil: Although standards vary from car to car, most vehicles require to have their oil changed once every 3,000 miles.

Transmission fluid: This should be monthly checked and replaced each 50k-100k miles. A burnt smell indicates that it's getting old.

Coolant: Although ideal replacement is in a few years, you should check its levels at least twice a year.

Brake fluid: Bad brake fluid may be the reason your brakes feel rough, so consider replacing it every two years.

Power Steering Fluid: It recommended to check it monthly and top it up as needed. Occasionally, it is a good idea to flush it out entirely.

In case you require assistance with your fluid maintenance, book your service appointment online with the service team at V & H Automotive here in Marshfield, and our specialist technicians will handle everything for you.

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