When it comes to preparing the garage way for the winter, you may think that your only option to keep your car from skidding on the road is by using salt. However, there are also plenty of other alternatives to keep your car safe in the driveway.

One good alternative to salt is using sand for the traction of your car; unlike salt, sand will remain gritty and provide traction no matter how wet or slushy the roads might get. It's also a cheaper alternative to expensive salt.

While another alternative to salt is kitty litter, there is one thing to remember is that kitty litter is good for short term usage but not long-term usage. The reason being that kitty litter can absorb too much moisture which will make your driveway more slippery. However, if you're looking for a short-term solution, kitty litter is perfect as it can absorb extra water quickly without turning into slush in a short amount of time.

Now that you have a few alternatives for being winter-ready, stop on by V & H Automotive for a pre-winter maintenance check-up for your car to be safe on the road.
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